REPP Resource for Education on Pregnancy Planning

Hosted by the University of Utah Family Planning Division & Project ECHO | Sponsored by a March of Dimes Community Grant

Session 1 - Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Contraceptive Methods and Mechanisms of Action | David Turok, MD, MPH

Session 2 - Part A. Unintended Pregnancy and Birth: Context & Implications | Kyl Myers, PhD, MS

Session 2 - Part B. Reproductive Justice | Liz Owens, MA, BS, & Katie Byrd

Session 3 - Patient-centered Reproductive Goals Counseling & Contraceptive Care for Special Populations | Patty Cason, RN, MS, FNP-BC

Session 4 - Providing Contraceptive Care for Clients with Chronic Conditions | Lori Gawron, MD, MPH

Session 5 - Introduction to Family Planning Resources & Programs in Utah; Creating a Network for Family Planning Care in Utah | Kyl Myers, PhD, MS

Session 6 - Healthy Birth Spacing: The Role of the Prenatal Contraceptive Plan and Postpartum Birth Plan | Erin Clark, MD